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  one day tour in Hangzhou:120US(800RMB) from 8:00 A.M. - 4:30P.M.(if you can wake up earlier, I   don't mind)
  one day for Wuzhen:1000RMB(go and back)
  one day for Xitang:1500RMB(go and back)
  one day for Tongli:1500RMB(go and back)
  one day for Longmen old town:1000RMB
  from Hangzhou to Shanghai:1000RMB
  from Hangzhou to Shanghai Airport(Pudong):1200RMB
  pick up from Shanghai Airport(Pudong) to Hangzhou:1500RMB
  pick up from Shanghai to Hangzhou:1200RMB
  from Hangzhou to Airport:150RMB
  pick up from Airport to Hangzhou:200RMB
  the price above includes toll gate fee and gasoline
  students,aged people(over 70 years old)and those who have contributed to Hangzhou tourism   can enjoy 20% discount



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