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Wuzhen Introduction

Why it is called Wuzhen?

In Chinese language, Wu means black colored.

Wuzhen lies at the north of Tongxiang City. This small town, with its black tiled and timber framework houses, contrasts sharply with its white walls and gray flagging, bringing to mind a Chinese ink and wash painting.

The morning of Wuzhen starts with women washing clothes by the clear river and black wooden windows propped up. The river running through the town was once the main means of transportation for local people.

Much of the fame of Wuzhen Town can be attributed to Mao Dun, a great modern writer and the first cultural minister of the People's Republic. Born in Wuzhen, Mao has described the town with great warmth in several of his novels, and his former dwelling is preserved here.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful Wuzhen, get up before 7 o'clock in the morning and have a walk along the street. There are several teahouses by the river, all clean, comfortable and pleasant. Have glue rice balls as breakfast. Or sip green tea by a teahouse window, while admiring the pastoral scenery of this ancient riverside town.
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