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1. Why do you choose Hangzhou as a traveling destination?
Answer: Famous for its beautiful scenery, Hangzhou is appointed by the Stated Department as the key national tourism city and famous historical cultural city. Qiangtang has always been prosperous and known as the “Heaven in the world”, described as “the most beautiful city in the world” by Marco Polo, the famous Italian traveler. With rich tourism resources, Hangzhou has two national scenic interest districts, 5 national forest parks, 2 national zoological districts and one national tourism resort district. Furthermore Hangzhou, with long history, is also one of the sources of the Chinese culture, with rich cultural historical resorts, including sites of Liangzhu culture, Wuyue culture and South Song culture.
2. Is it safe to travel in Hangzhou?
Speaking of traveling environment, Hangzhou is not only a beautiful city, but also a very friendly cit and people are full of hospility. Speaking of the professional training, tour guides in Hangzhou have all been well trained. So it is very safe to travel in Hangzhou. Of course, if you take part in exploration or some dangerous activities, the security guarantee will be lessened.
3. How can we get to Hangzhou?
Because there is no direct flight to other cities abroad, foreign travelers can first take flight to Shanghai and then come to Hangzhou by railway or freeway for about 1.5 hours to 2 hours.
4. What are the regular phone numbers for travelers?
96123 for traveling information and hotel reservation
87829983 for train ticket reservation
85171292 for tourism complaints
120 for ambulance and so on. (please refer to the service information part)
5. Will language be a barrier for traveling in Hangzhou?
As the official language in Hangzhou is Chinese, there will be certain difficulty in communication in foreign languages. However this situation has been changing, especially for the teenagers, for most of them have had college education and simple foreign language will be available. If there is communication problem, please come to the nearby hotel or travel agency for help.
6. How can we get medical help?
When some is injured in accidents, some simple bindings should be at once, then go to the nearest hospital, or call 120 for help.
7. What should we do if we lose our way in Hangzhou?
It is possible for foreign traveler to lose their way in Hangzhou if they don’t know the way well. I general, we suggest tourists take the hotel name and telephone number with them when traveling, in case that they lose their way. And you can also call service telephone for help.
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