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Two Famous Specialties
2It lies in on Fenghua Hill with a wide water area and rich springs. The ancient people thought that it was where the dragon lived, and hence came the name "Dragon Well". The Dragon Well Tea tops the Ten Renowned Teas in China. It was said that Qianlong conferred the name of "Royal Teas" to 18 trees and wrote "Eight Scenes of Dargon Well" at the foot of Lion Peak in Dragon Well Village. Now it is a resort to taste tea for leisure.  
2Hangzhou silk is the best in the world and has been since the Tang and Song Dynasties, a period of over 1,000 years. Between Hangzhou and Suzhou, Suzhou's embroidery is the best in China,and Hangzhou is known for producing excellent silks and satins. In Hangzhou, the variety of silks available seems endless. Hangzhou satin is famous and one of the area's most successful export products. The layered weaving process is very labor intensive and produces fabulously luxurious fabric that feels great next on the skin.  









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